Blog: Dec. 7th, a-cho Puyopuyo club

Notice: 日本語版が読みたい方はこちら

Participants: よしけん,ぽんでりおん,やまぎし,taka,クウルス,みいつ(writer),みにぃ,高木,redri,一条

This day I finally joined the Puyopuyo club at a-cho after two months.
For these two months, I've been frustrated because I couldn't play Puyopuyo in a satisfactory way,
so it was a great fun to play it with an exciting atmosphere in a-cho.

Indeed, I was in the West Coast of the U.S. for my research.
This is the photo of the souvenir I bought for our club:
By the way, the guys like to call me a "Detective Conan".
For this reason, after having this salted chocolate, Yamagishi said,
"Pero (onomatopoeia), oh, this is cyanide!"
......Well, actually, I had imagined that someone would say that
and so bought this chocolate intentionally.
(This phrase is a parody from "Detective Conan", a famous joke on the Internet.)
I also met Minnie for the first time.
She was a very friendly person.
I'd like to thank her for finding and coming to our club.

As for Puyopuyo, my playing was not good at first.
However, I gradually remembered how to play the arcade Puyopuyo well.

Around 8:30 pm, we went to have dinner.
The original plan suggested by Takagi was oden.
However the restrant was full, and we gave up oden.
Instead of oden, we had sukiyaki at Yayoi-ken:
I talked about how different "teriyaki" in the U.S. is than in Japan.
It is like this:
(Many pieces of chicken are on yakisoba with stir-fried vegetables.)

After having dinner, lastly, we were at a-cho till about 11 pm.
I felt much tired because I had always slept by 11 pm in the U.S.
It may take a little more time for me to get used to that.

  • The next meeting will be Dec. 14, Sat.
    I hope everyone will come!
    Registration at Puyopuyo camp(Not a duty, but it helps us to see the number of participants. Thank you for your cooperation!)
  • Our new-year party will be held on Jan. 4th, Sat.
    If you want to join us, please contact with Mihtsu or Yamagishi at Twitter by Dec. 12, Thu.!
  • We'll hold the meeting every Saturday!
    Event calender of a-cho Puyopuyo club(at Puyopuyo camp)
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