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Player of Puyopuyo has deep communication in Twitter and PuyoCamp.
Their communication is too funny.
If you want to know them, you have to read Japanese.
So, I brought you major topics.

1.Official writer got flamed.

writer:Sega's young personel (electronic sports department)

He went to Waseda University and participated in the Puyo Masters in Waseda University.
It is very good thing, and every player is made happy.
But...few days later, he posted the article in Puyo camp makes them discomfort.
That article has many complaint and only has a few of Puyo's topic.

Every player got angry and submit to claim withdraw a posted.
The article was deleted soon.

2.Player change the environment "Puyo Teto" "Puyo Chronicle" to "Puyopuyo electronic sports edition"

If you have the game machine "Nintendo Swith" or "Playstation 4", you should buy Puyopuyo electoronic sports edition.
It is only download, but you can buy only 5 dollers.(limited period in 30,November 2018)
Many player change the environment and formal festival use it, more and more player buy it.
If you buy it after December, you can buy 20 dollers.

3.Article "Analysis of top player" by Akisame is high completion.

>> トッププレイヤーの土台を調べてみた

All of the Puyo player should see it.
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